Axyal Node

Healing Arts

Specializing in energetic therapy and spiritual counseling, Axyal Node Healing Arts utilizes and expands on multiple modes of healing in its journey toward a healthier body, mind, spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Do you delve into spiritual or religious aspects?

A: Yes, at times it is necessary as we all are spiritual beings and just as sometimes our body needs assistance, so does our spirit.

Q: Do I need to be doing anything special in a distance session?

A: No, the session can be done when you are sleeping, working, relaxing, etc. At times, it may be recommended that you relax during a session, but it is definitely not necessary. Many people do find that lying down in a quiet room while the session is taking place to be the best experience but from my end, it doesn't matter much. I understand how hectic life can be, so whatever works for you and your wishes.

Q: Will it hurt at all?

A: Typically the sessions are very subtle in terms of what you feel when a shift is taking place. You may feel some tingling, some hot or cold sensations, have interesting thoughts, clarity that wasn't there before, etc. How your body reacts depends entirely on the session and what came up for you.

Q: Are you a psychic?

A: I wouldn't outright say that I am a psychic as I won't tell you your future or anything like that. Depending on what the session brings forth, there are times when very clear extra-sensory perception takes place.

Q: Can you work on babies in utero?

A: YES!! Definitely! It is amazing to work on babies as they are so open and the slate is relatively clean so getting to the root of the issue is much easier than with adults who have layer upon layer of issues to work on. I say relatively because there are times when a baby will come in with issues from a past life. I've done sessions on both of my children and find it to be priceless.

Q: Were you born with this or was it something you learned?

A: It really is a mix of both. The best way to answer this is through an example. When you see a professional athlete that is very good at their sport, you may say that they were born with an athletic build and a knack for playing the game, but what we often don't see are the countless hours practicing an learning the intricacies of the game. In this way, the athlete was born with gifts, but also had to be taught in order to be in this place.

Q: Do you do sessions for pets? How does that work?

A: Yes! Pets respond great to sessions. It works by either doing a distance session with the pet or by coming to the residence and performing a session on the owner while the pet is present. Most issues that arise in our pets do originate in the owner and I highly recommend that the owner also get a session as this really promotes lasting healing.

Q: Is there an area that you don't address with the sessions?

A: The healing done in the session is truly "wholistic" in that every aspect of the person can be dealt with. That means physical, energetic, psychological, environmental, spiritual, etc. There has yet to be a problem that didn't experience a benefit from the sessions.

Q: Do I have to do anything after the session? Do you advise or prescribe things?

A: When the communication is re-established within the body, it has already initiated the process of healing and will continue this process. Depending on what came up in the session, this process could be very fast or very slow and that is up to the individual. I will discuss what the session was like for me as the practitioner and share all that I can to promote the healing, though I do not advise or prescribe anything, only suggest if something is obviously relevant. For example, if it comes up that the body is significantly dehydrated, I might suggest that the person could benefit from some water after the session.

Q: How do I pay? Do you accept insurance?

A: I accept payments as cash or check and also via PayPal. At this time, I do not accept insurance.