Axyal Node

Healing Arts

Specializing in energetic therapy and spiritual counseling, Axyal Node Healing Arts utilizes and expands on multiple modes of healing in its journey toward a healthier body, mind, spirit.

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Axyal Node Healing Arts is Grant Gorman.  

Grant earned a bachelors degree in Bio Psychology from the University of California Santa Barbara after earning a 4.84 grade point average from a prestigious Northern Californian High School.  His interest in the 'helping' fields of education continued into Graduate school where Grant spent 4 years studying further the field of Clinical Psychology, while simultaneously working first as a care taker for non-verbal children with Autism Spectrum Disorder for 2 years and then for adults with Schizophrenia for 11 years, under the Santa Barbara Mental Health Association.  

After pursuing this western model of healing and learning first hand about the deep ends of the mind, Grant experienced a deep change of heart towards the philosophies that mold the Western medical model.  He had discovered for himself that there was something lacking in the current system of assisting and caring for others.  This led him on an exploration of the other modalities out there, including the study of Eastern philosophies, Body Talk, the Tao, Qi Gong, and higher spirituality.  

Grant now utilizes his wealth of knowledge, inborn desire to heal and sensitivity to the needs of others in order to approach healing from an incredibly unique and effective angle.  With energy medicine, he has come to create a profound and powerful approach to healing.  Throughout his journey to discover how to heal others, Grant has developed an intuitive grasp on something that only an artist can understand.  He has found soul in his manner of healing, and this makes all the difference.  He looks forward to accompanying you on your journey to a more balanced and joy filled life.  Rest assured, his caring, patient nature will be there to support you every step of the way.

Grant lives with his wife and three young children in Ojai, California.  When he's not investing time in the betterment of others, you can find him spending time with his family, enjoying the outdoors, researching world history and current affairs, and ever evolving his spirit.