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Specializing in energetic therapy and spiritual counseling, Axyal Node Healing Arts utilizes and expands on multiple modes of healing in its journey toward a healthier body, mind, spirit.

New Year’s Letter 2019


Happy New Year!

2018 was a big shift for many and came with it abundant challenges and opportunities. It was no different for my family and me. I wanted to touch base with clients, friends, and family in this new year and share a few adjustments for the business, and for me personally, that have spawned new opportunities as well as these new changes.

First, as many already know, my wife had been very ill since September of this year. This convergence of circumstances that came together like a perfect storm almost took her life, but life persevered and she is now pregnant, due in late spring. Much like the winter solstice teaches us, from the darkest point switches toward the lightest and continues on that path; getting brighter every day. Thank you all for your understanding and patience through the darkest part. 

Next, in September I changed my prices, though only some were aware as I scaled down doing sessions tremendously to care for my wife and kids. Below is the new “rates and policies” page. Take a look if you haven’t already.

There are a few new updates as of 2019 that weren’t yet implemented back in September


Lastly, I am no longer traveling to Santa Barbara to do sessions as I let go of the office space there. The intention for 2019 and beyond is to root in the Ojai office and make it the strongest beacon of light that I can. Each session, each day, each hour spent focusing energy in that space brightens it and fills it with love. This is where the energy needs to be. Also along these lines, my new days/hours are Tuesday to Friday 9-5. As the kids get older, weekends have become more abundant with activities that I want to attend. Below is the “book a session” page of my website with further information.

That is all for now. I look forward to this new year with you all spreading the intention and manifestation of growth, clarity, abundance, joy and love. 

Thank you and much love to you,