Axyal Node

Healing Arts

Specializing in energetic therapy and spiritual counseling, Axyal Node Healing Arts utilizes and expands on multiple modes of healing in its journey toward a healthier body, mind, spirit.



1 hour - $135

90 minute - $202.50

2 hour - $270

3 hour - $450



6 hours of session time - $750 ($10 off each hour)

12 hours of session time - $1440 ($15 off each hour)

24 hours of session time - $2760 ($20 off each hour)


Emergency Session / After Hours Rate - $300 per hour

To be utilized when in crisis and no normal hours sessions times are available.  Please CALL for this service. Text or Email will not be sufficient in off hours scenarios. Emergency session will begin as soon as time allows, meaning as soon as I can get to a place to properly do the session. Discussion about Emergency session details is subject to urgency and availability, though every effort will be made to communicate as soon as possible.


Travel costs

If travel to a residence is necessary, I will accommodate this request at Emergency Session rate to include travel time to and from the destination. For reoccurring out of town requests, prices are determined on an individual basis.

Cancellation & Rescheduling

If you are late to arrive to the session, our session will still end at the designated time due to the clients that are booked immediately after your session. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Sessions not cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours  prior to appointment time frame, require payment in full.  If there is a no show for a session, the full session fee will be charged.


Currently you can pay for sessions in cash, with a check, credit card or via PayPal.  All sessions paid for via PayPal must be paid for prior to the beginning of the session.