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Healing Arts

Specializing in energetic therapy and spiritual counseling, Axyal Node Healing Arts utilizes and expands on multiple modes of healing in its journey toward a healthier body, mind, spirit.

I have been working with Grant for over 6 months now and I can truly say that his healing sessions have changed my life. Grant helped me address and recognize the energetic/vibrational needs that my body and soul were craving. He also helped reveal specific areas in my body that needed more attention with healing. He recommended some easy practice tips(suggestions)for me to use daily, reading a specific book, honoring the download period, and after a few weeks of implementation of these items, I felt an enormous shift within myself. I feel that his work is a very subtle, yet powerful modality that has profound affects of the body/mind/spirit. Without Grant’s sessions, I don’t know if I would have accessed this part of me. I feel like I have a much better understanding of my truth and well being, and as a result, I have recently made a few key decisions in my life with confidence. I feel grateful for all his guidance. Grant is hugely gifted and has such a gentle, intuitive and compassionate way about him. Grant is part of my life now and I would highly recommend him.
— S.D.*
Ever since I first saw Grant for a session, I realized that a friend who so highly recommended him was spot on: he exuded sharp intelligence, clarity, light, warmth, wholeness. But it was when we started working that I truly saw and felt the depth and power of his natural abilities as well as developed skills. Because I’ve come across and worked with many healers around the world in my life, I’m not exaggerating when I say that Grant is a rare find: a healer with equally developed head, heart, intuition, and psychic abilities. (And humble at that.)

I’m the type of person who likes to understand what’s going on in my body on the causal level. Grant not only performs the healing on energetic, emotional, and causal levels (depending on what is needed), but he can also articulate with great clarity what he does and why. With him I’ve gone into such remote past and into realms where a few healers were able to go with me, in order to work on causal factors. I can truly say that what he did for me was momentous. I’m deeply grateful that he was sent into my life.
— V. T.*
Grant Gorman, in many ways, reminds me of the real or legendary Maitreya. The name, Maitreya, is derived from the Sanskrit word maitrī or “loving-kindness”. According to Buddhist tradition, Maitreya is a bodhisattva (one motivated by great compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings), who will appear on Earth in the future. Only, fortunately for us, Grant Gorman is fully embodied here in Ojai, CA where he works as an energy healer. He is gifted and able to heal old wounds – both physical and psychological, help release old patterns which no longer serve, and cleanse and open our hearts to live a fuller life. Inner work and healing are essential for health and spiritual clarity.
— *C.A.J.
I have a son who is five years old. He suffers from a rare form of epilepsy and is non-verbal. One of the biggest reason’s I had asked Grant to start working with my son was to help me better understand what he was going through, what his body felt like (he’s always in some type of pain), and what I could do to help him. Grant has done several long-distant sessions with my son and with each session, it was like another piece to the puzzle found. My son is very aware but trapped in a body he cannot control. He struggles most days. If he has a seizure, it’s usually followed by some regression, both cognitively and physically.

When I came to Grant I was struggling to understand what my son needed. Having a huge communication barrier between my son and I made it difficult to understand why he would have random outbursts of anger, tears, frustration. I hoped Grant would be able to help release some of his angst and struggle in this lifetime. As Grant began to work on him, I began to see a change. There was a sort of relaxed feel about him.

Grant focused some of the sessions on energy work while the other sessions were more about seeking information and listening to what my son had to say. I believe some of the calmness my son experienced came from the fact that his voice was finally being heard. It was as if he was relived to finally have someone hear his voice.

The more information I began to accumulate the better I was able to attend to his needs. The tools Grant has given me have been pivotal in my son’s progress. He has empowered my ability as a mother to understand my son on a level I might not have reached on my own.

I believe my son is more at peace with the body he’s been given in this lifetime because of the work Grant has done with him. He has help reconnect my son and I on a much more grounded level, one where words are no longer needed.
— C.R*
Grant’s energy medicine healing sessions are amazing! It’s difficult to describe, but the best description I can think of is “Life changing”. I began working with him in July of 2013, as I had a plethora of various health problems that were amorphous, compound and difficult to diagnose and treat. I was physically and emotionally at the end of my rope. Grant’s work began a permanent and positive change toward better health and well-being for me. Grant is compassionate, patient, full of integrity, courage, benevolence and care, and he makes me feel like I’m his only client. His work is subtle but powerful, and can be done remotely. One of the coolest things is that my being gives him information about the priorities needed to attend to in any given session, and we started working thru them like layers of an onion, until we got to the deepest ones. The last 2 check-ins, my body told Grant that I didn’t need to be worked on, and that I should call again if and when I’m ready. So in a few short months after 7 years of suffering, I now feel positive, hopeful and healthy about my future, and my progress is in a steady upward curve. Before my sessions with Grant, I felt fearful of my fate. “Thank you” is such a small gesture for the immense gratitude I feel toward Grant and his healing work. I would recommend it to anyone who is ready to catapult forward in their growth. It was nothing short of a miracle.
— B.H.*
I have been working with Grant for several months. I always feel very relaxed, spiritually connected, and emotionally balanced after a session with him. I have noticed a true increase in my confidence, self-trust, hopefulness, and connection to my spirituality from working with him. I’ve also felt a reduction in anxiety. Grant has given me many spiritual and practical tools, and even health and nutrition counseling. I have been able to use these tools at home and they have made a big difference for me. He’s a very kind, down-to-earth guy and is also great with little kids. He has worked with my daughter as well. Grant has also worked with my cats. They have been through some difficult transitions and I believe the energy work grant did helped them, and continues to help them. The information he received during their sessions was always right on, and clued me in to what they were going through. I really appreciate the work that Grant does and highly recommend him.
— L.M.
My first session was a distance session with over 1,000 miles separating us. I felt immediate relief in the specific areas we were targeting. A sense of hope and possibilities were present as I took a big step in my recovery. Each session thereafter only increased my sense of self and reignited the light inside of me...
— A.F.*
I was skeptical of energy medicine at first. I mean, it really seemed too much like magic. But then something crazy WORKED. I started working with Grant mainly to deal with issues related to reoccurring back problems I had. Since I’ve began seeing him my flair ups have lessened drastically, and when they do happen I don’t have this desperate feeling inside, because I know I can just give Grant a call and the problem will be gone. After spending so much money on doctor’s visits, medications and chiropractor’s visits, and suffering the immense pain and fear associated with my back going out previous to meeting Grant, I feel so thankful for his services. It is such a breath of fresh air to have someone so invested in my healing for such an affordable’s jut amazing. Grant is truly gifted and I’m sure he will be working on myself and my family for years to come. Thank you for your dedication, healing spirit and loving, kind, supportive presence has changed our lives.
— P.N.*
The service provided by Mr. Gorman during my ordeal was extremely professional and educational but most importantly it was comforting. It was an extremely stressful time for my dog Atreyu and I but the support I received really helped keep me in the right state of mind. My dog’s behavior also went back to normal once Mr. Gorman had completed his readings and that was most important to me.
— A.L.*
“This is the site of a friend named Grant Gorman out of Ojai. He is an amazing healer. He has been for myself as well as my cat Milo. He was able to tap into Milo’s health issues and the emotional issues behind it. After several sessions with myself related to Milo, Milo never got sick again and is now 14. Grant can do distant healing that works as well as in person. I have complete faith in him and his work has opened me up to a level of myself that has given me an understanding of who I am and why. Working with Grant has been a life changing experience bringing me closer to who I am meant to be.”
— M.B.*
in June of 08 I was in a car accident that almost ended my life. Having to be in the hospital because of my coma was hard. I heard my family and felt the presence of their love with me but could not see them nor could I feel them physically. A month and a half later I came out of my coma and had to start my learning process over completely from breathing and eating pureed food to talking and walking again. living in a rehab for sometime without seeing my family everyday was devastating but the recovery was worth it. I was able to go home. My time at home was great until I learned I couldn’t do things right at the moment of my recovering so I would argue and hit or throw things. I was always angry but then I met this man who performed these sessions on me. These sessions helped me cleanse my mind, clear my thoughts, understand my train of thought and know why I might feel/do the things I feel/do. These sessions worked wonders with my attitude, confidence and my mentality and the way I perform my mental and physical duties!
— L.Y.*

* Initials changed to respect client privacy.