Axyal Node

Healing Arts

Specializing in energetic therapy and spiritual counseling, Axyal Node Healing Arts utilizes and expands on multiple modes of healing in its journey toward a healthier body, mind, spirit.

Energy Medicine is Indispensable in Healing

Without openness to change and innovation, we would be stuck in the past, unable to improve our knowledge and capabilities.  Just as the caveman had to learn the uses of fire, create dwellings beyond a cave, and advance language over time, we need to learn the uses of energy medicine.  In essence, energy medicine in the world of medicine is the fire of healing, protection against injury, and the language of the universe that is analogous to the advances found in bringing fire, dwellings, and language to the caveman era. (click here for full article)


Reasons to Use Energy Medicine

What is energy medicine? It’s a dynamic form of health care in which energy is the medicine. Energy is unlimited and universal—permeating everything and everyone in existence, from you to the beautiful roses outside your door. Within this vast field of energy, all individuals have their own unique energy systems that channel the chi through them—a personal energy field within the larger unified field. If the chi in your energetic pathways and energy centers (called chakras) is blocked or distorted, you won’t be able to enjoy radiant health, mental clarity, emotional balance, or peace and joy. (click here for full article)


What is Energy Medicine?

There has been an explosion of scientific research emerging and documenting the very presence of these energy fields. Scientists, along with the aid of high speed computers and imaging technology, are able to penetrate a reality that is challenging, and changing, the way we perceive our world. Dolores Krieger, Ph.D, RN, is the creative genius behind the practice of Therapeutic Touch, practiced by nurses in hospitals across the country.  As she bluntly puts it, “You don’t stop at your skin!”  In the late 1970’s, Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University and a group of researchers pioneered studies evidencing the existence of the HEF (Human Energy Field). (click here for full article)


Energy Medicine: Why Isn't It More Popular?

Energy medicine/healing is fabulous for connecting you to your source because it can remove energy obstructions before they manifest on the physical level. It's been solidified in the quantum physics realm of science that disease starts in the energy first. Physical manifestation is always secondary! So once again, energy medicine is the way to go!!!